Social Work & Gerontology Dual Field Experience

All seniors in the BSW program are required to complete field practicum over the course of their final year. Students who are minoring in Gerontology may qualify for a dual field experience in Social Work and Gerontology.

Students majoring in Social Work and minoring in Gerontology have the option to complete both experiences at one field site. The site must agree to the terms of both the Social Work and Gerontology program and provide the appropriate supervision of each student. The Field Instructor/Supervisor would be responsible for completing required paperwork for both the Social Work program and the Gerontology program.

Students should work with the Field Office and Gerontology advisors to plan accordingly.


  • 456 hours of field placement for Social Work major. The 456 hours must include 90 hours of field placement for the Gerontology program.
  • Required Courses:
    • SOWK 3482 Social Work Practicum I - fall semester / SOWK 3484 Social Work Practicum II - spring semester
    • GRNT 3600 - Senior Seminar taken in either fall or spring semester. 90 hours of gerontology placement must take place during the same semester as GRNT senior seminar.

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