Anti-Sexual Violence Statement

The UNC Charlotte School of Social Work expresses our strong solidarity with survivors of all forms of sexual violence, including molestation, harassment, sexual assault, and rape, and supports efforts to hold those who perpetrate sexual violence accountable for their actions.

We join efforts with those working to eliminate cultural norms that permit and encourage an environment where sexual violence is rampant and unchecked. This includes strengthening norms that encourage individuals to regard sexual violence as a community issue that we all have responsibility to address, as well as encouraging individuals, families, and communities to aspire towards healthy, respectful relationships. Further, we seek to build social work organizations with the necessary policies and practices to ensure workplaces free from retaliation, bullying, retribution, and other misuses of power and control.

We commit to teach content and conduct research that affirms survivors’ experiences and acknowledges the role of social stigma, societal structures, and systemic oppression. We understand sexual violence from an intersectional perspective and affirm that members of marginalized groups have higher rates and bear a disproportionate burden of sexual violence, including (but not limited to) those living in poverty, individuals with disabilities, immigrants, and racial, ethnic, sexual, and gender minorities. We actively and consciously work with others to dismantle these interlocking oppressions.

In addition, we commit to doing all we can to assure that our students and colleagues have educational and professional experiences that are safe, affirming, and free from sexual violence.