FAQs for Prospective ECMH Students


Is the certificate program available online?

The ECMH Graduate Certificate is offered fully online as a 12 credit program, which can typically be completed in 2-4 semesters. Some courses may be offered asynchronously while others may require synchronous, virtual meetings.

What is the estimated cost of the ECMH certificate?

Please visit the Niner Central Distance Education Tuition and Fee site to view rates. Distance Education tuition rates vary based on residency. Residency for tuition purposes is decided by the North Carolina Residency Determination Service (RDS).

How long does it take to complete the certificate?

The certificate takes at least two semesters to complete due to timing of course availability. Some students choose to complete the certificate over 3 or more semesters. All requirements for the graduate certificate must be completed within five (5) calendar years, beginning with the student’s first term in the program. The time limit cannot be paused, even if the student takes an approved leave of absence. No course older than five years may be applied towards a graduate certificate.

Can I double-count the courses I take toward both a graduate degree and the ECMH certificate?

If you are currently enrolled in a degree program, you may be able to double-count courses toward the degree and the certificate program. Dually enrolled students are encouraged to apply early to the certificate program of interest so that classes can be planned out thoughtfully.

Can someone enrolled in an undergraduate degree program be admitted into the certificate program?

No. You must have completed a four-year undergraduate degree before you enter the program.

Can students enrolled in another graduate degree program be admitted to the certificate program?

Yes. Dually enrolled students are encouraged to apply early to the certificate program of interest so that classes can be planned out thoughtfully. Although we discourage the practice, students may apply to a certificate program and graduate during the same term. We prefer students to intentionally pursue a certificate rather than add the credential as afterthought.

If I am dually enrolled in a certificate and graduate degree program, do I have to complete both programs at the same time in order to graduate?

Students co-enrolled in a certificate and degree program may graduate from one program and continue on to complete the other program. They are not required to graduate during the same term.

If I finish the certificate program and later decide I want to earn a graduate degree program at UNC Charlotte, can I transfer in the courses I took in the certificate program toward the degree?

Students may apply the credits earned in the certificate program toward a single degree that they pursue in conjunction with the graduate certificate. If a student is interested in pursuing a graduate degree after the certificate has been awarded, students should consult the Graduate Catalog. Students may not apply credits earned in one certificate program toward the satisfaction of requirements in a second certificate program.

Is there a cost to apply?

Yes. The Graduate School assesses a one-time fee of $75.00.

Do I have to mail anything?

No. The application is entirely online.

Who can provide a recommendation for me?

The recommendation should come from a human service professional with at least a four-year undergraduate degree. Examples include former graduate or undergraduate internship supervisors, past or present work supervisors, or other professionals who have supervised you and can vouch for your ability to work with young children and their families.

Who do I contact for more information?

Admissions Team