BSW Plan of Study


The school highly advises that all interested students and current students thoroughly review the BSW Academic Plan of Study. It contains a program summary, program requirements, minimum criteria for admission, a summary of credit hours, and suggested plan of study. 

The BSW program is an on campus program with classes held during the daytime (not evenings). The BSW program is not a Distance Education program and therefore cannot be completed fully online. 


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course descriptions

Students admitted into the Social Work lower and upper division major are required to complete four 3-hour population courses examining varying population groups of interest to social work before graduating from the program.  The attachment below identifies the approved population courses and a brief description of each course. Other courses not listed on this form, will not be accepted as population courses. All social work elective courses will be accepted even if they are not listed on this population course form. Please click on the link for a listing of preapproved population courses.

Approved Population Courses