FAQs on BSW Program

How can I become certified or licensed in other states?

Once an undergraduate is accepted into a pathway that may lead to licensure (BSW Program for social workers), students will be included in a personalized email that expalins the state-by-state nature of the licensure and everything the student will need about a program’s status in the state where the student plans to practice. In addition, if the University ever discovers that a program’s status in the state where the student plans to practice has changed (e.g., changes in a state’s licensure requirements means the program no longer fulfills the educational requirements for licensure), the student will automatically be notified. These system and process changes were also mandated by the new federal regulations (34 CFR 668.43(a)(5)(v)). Students can view the Inventory and Inventory of Pathways to Licensure in advance here.

How do I change my major to social work?

Students looking to change their major to social work must do so through the College of Health & Human Services (CHHS) Advising Office. Students must meet with their academic advisor in order to change their major. CHHS serves as the main academic advising and student support office for CHHS pre-majors. The social work pre-major is called Social Work – Lower Division.

CHHS Adivising Office: https://health.charlotte.edu/student-advising-center/chhs-change-major-orientation

How do I know if my application is competitive enough for me to be admitted to Upper Division?

One idea is to compare yourself to the profile of applicants who are typically admitted to the program. For the past two years, the average GPA of admitted applicants ranged from 3.2-3.4. Admitted applicants typically have demonstrated their passion for social work through a moderate to high degree of paid or volunteer experience. Admitted applicants typically have earned A’s in SOWK 1101 and SOWK 2182. Admitted applicants are typically A or A/B students. Admitted applicants have earned C’s or better in social work prerequisites (i.e. – BIO, POLS), but more often have earned B’s or better. Having high grades, though, and/or experience, is not a guarantee of admission. In addition, admitted applicants demonstrate a solid understanding of social work values and of the “social work perspective,” a lens through which professional social workers view social problems.

How to I apply for the Undergraduate Social Work Honors Program (USWH) and when am I eligible to apply?

Students interested in applying for the USWH program will be able to apply in the first (fall) semester of Upper Division. The application includes an additional essay. Students will be given notice from the BSW Honors Committee of when the application opens.

I earned a “D” in a social work prerequisite (i.e. – BIO/BIOL, STATS, POLS, etc). Should I take the class again?

A “C” or better is required in all prerequisites for the social work major. These prerequisites include BIOL ​1110,​ BIOL ​1110L, ​POLS ​1110, ​PSYC ​1101, STAT 1222,​ SOCY​ 1101,​ SOWK ​1101,​ SOWK ​2182​ and​ SOWK​ 2183​.

I’m a summer transfer student. Will all of the seats be filled before I have a chance to apply?

The School of Social Work recognizes that many of the student interested in applying for fall admission to the BSW Program are summer transfer students. The School of Social Work manages enrollment and admission offers with this in mind.

Is the BSW program offered fully online?

Not, but we hope it will be. The BSW program is currently an on campus program with classes held primarily during the daytime, but with some evening options. The BSW program is currently not a Distance Education program and therefore cannot be completed fully online at this time. However, The School of Social Work is in the process of seeking approval from our accrediting body (CSWE) to deliver all required social work courses online by fall 2024. The practicum (internship) would still be in person. In the meantime, you may learn about other online programs offered at UNC Charlotte here: https://distanceed.charlotte.edu/degrees-programs/bachelor-programs.

What do I do if I want to become a social worker, but I am not offered admission?

Students can apply the following year to the BSW Program and some do. However, more often than not, students who are not admitted to the BSW Program begin forging a path toward an MSW. Students might select a related major and then put their energy into developing a competitive application to our MSW Program by earning high grades, gaining experience through paid or volunteer work, and preparing for the GRE. Due to limited space, not all applicants can be admitted into the BSW Program, but this does not mean the applicant would not make a good social worker.

What do I need to complete before applying to Upper Division?

Applicants need to complete the following minimum criteria for admission to Upper Division:

1. GPA

The applicant must have a cumulative UNC Charlotte GPA of 2.5 or higher prior to the start of Upper Division. Applicants with fewer than 12 credits earned at UNC Charlotte must also have a cumulative transfer GPA of 2.5 or higher.

2. Course Credits

The applicant has earned 60 credits or will have earned 60 credits prior to the start of Upper Division.

3. Pre-Requisites

  • The applicant has already completed or will have completed by August 2020 and earned satisfactory grades (C or better) in BIO 1110, BIO 1110L, POLS 1110, PSYC 1101, STATS 1222, SOCY 1101, SOWK 1101, SOWK 2182 and SOWK 2183.
  • Completion of general education requirements

Applicants can be enrolled in summer courses at the time of application. However, admission offers are conditioned upon verification of the satisfactory completion of the courses outlined above and a GPA of 2.5 prior to the start of Upper Division. This is a competitive process. Not all students who meet the above minimum criteria will be admitted as seating capacity is capped. Occasionally, in an effort to help students stay on track for a timely graduation, a student may be admitted who does not quite meet the established criteria such as in the case where a student is just short of 60 credits or is missing a pre-requisite. In such a case, the student must be able to outline a plan for graduating within the usual 2 academic years.

What is the difference between Lower and Upper Division?

Lower Division is our social work pre-major. Students who start at UNC Charlotte as freshmen or as a transfer student (after applying through UNC Charlotte’s undergraduate admissions) declare a social work Lower Division pre-major. Students must successfully complete general education courses and our prerequisite courses in order to apply to Upper Division.

Watch Video on Social Work Lower Division Explained

Upper Division is our social work BSW program major. Students apply to Upper Division between February and July. Upper Division only begins each fall semester. In Upper Division, students take two years of BSW courses and a Practicum Education internship during senior year (second year of Upper Divsion). Once students complete Upper Division (takes 2 years), they graduate with their Bachelor of Social Work degree.

Watch Video on Upper Division BSW Explained

When can I apply to Upper Division?

Our Upper Division program only begins in the fall semester of each year. Admission to Upper Division must be granted before students are permitted to take Upper Division courses in the BSW major. Upper Division Admission is a selective process and not all students will be admitted, even if they have met the minimum requirements for the program. Our application period is February 1st – July 1st of each year with a fall (August) start date. Applicants will be notified of admission decisions no later than August 1st. However, this is a rolling admission process. Applicants may be notified of a decision much earlier than August 1st if they submit their application prior to the deadline.

Students who plan to apply for entrance in to the BSW Program (Upper Division) are required to meet with the CHHS Advising Office before applying to learn more about the major, course requirements and the course sequence. The CHHS Advising Office website is: https://health.uncc.edu/chhs-student-advising

When will I hear back with a decision for Upper Division admission?

Our application period is February 1st – July 1st of each year with a fall (August) start date. Applicants will be notified of admission decisions no later than August 1st via an attached letter sent ot their University email address. However, this is a rolling admission process. Applicants may be notified of a decision much earlier than August 1st if they submit their application prior to the deadline.

There is not a waitlist for Upper Division.

Where do your BSW graduates find employment?

UNC Charlotte BSW graduates are employed in a variety of areas such as child protective services, substance abuse treatment, hospitals, youth and children services, criminal justice, adoptions/foster care, hospice, and long term care. They work from the coast to the mountains of North Carolina as well as all across the United States.

Other BSW graduates choose to pursue a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree. Many apply to our own MSW program along with MSW programs at other universities. We offer four different MSW program options at UNC Charlotte: https://socialwork.charlotte.edu/master-social-work-msw/about-program.