BSW Plan of Study

The school highly advises that all interested students and current students thoroughly review the BSW Academic Plan of Study. It contains a program summary, program requirements, minimum criteria for admission, a summary of credit hours, and suggested plan of study. The suggested curriculum plan for social work major courses and their course descriptions can be seen below.

The BSW program is an on campus program with classes held during the daytime (not evenings). The BSW program is not a Distance Education program and therefore cannot be completed fully online.

curriculum plan & course descriptions

Listed below is the suggested curriculum plan for the social work major courses. This is to show that there are three required social work courses in Lower Division, along with other prerequisites and general education requirements. This list also shows the rigor of the Upper Division program, with courses planned for students in each semester. Courses are sequenced and must be taken in a certain order, and therefore are only offered in certain semesters. In order to stay on track with two years of Upper Division and graduate on time, students are strongly encouraged to complete the social work major requirements in the ordergiven, in the semesters listed.

Lower Division (2 years*)

*The timeframe for Lower Division may look different depending on the student. For first year students at UNC Charlotte with little to no credits previously earned, Lower Division will likely take two years. Lower Division may take transfer students or students with an associate’s degree less time if they have credits earned from a previous institution. All transfer students are encouraged to check with their advisor to review their status.

Upper Division (2 years)

First Fall Semester of Upper Division (13 credit hours)

First Spring Semester of Upper Division (12-15 credit hours)

Second Fall Semester of Upper Division (9-15 credit hours)

Second Spring Semester of Upper Division (9-15 credit hours)

Elective Options

Population Courses

Students admitted into the Social Work lower and upper division major are required to complete four 3-hour population courses examining varying population groups of interest to social work before graduating from the program. The attachment below identifies the approved population courses and a brief description of each course. Other courses not listed on this form, will not be accepted as population courses. All social work elective courses will be accepted even if they are not listed on this population course form. Please click on the link for a listing of preapproved population courses.

Approved Population Courses